Manual Handling Training Course

Everyone undertakes manual handling on a daily basis, regardless of what your role in the workplace is. Manual handling is pushing, pulling, lifting, putting down, carrying and moving a load.

Course Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Location: Can be done online, onsite at your facility, or at a location near you.
Maximum learners per course: 12

Many people associate manual handling with working in warehouses, construction and industrial settings. While this is correct, manual handling also affects people working in shops, farming, ground-works, offices, people on production lines carrying out repetitive tasks – the list is endless.

The key thing to remember about manual handling is the load doesn’t necessarily have to be heavy to cause an injury. For example, if you work in a office and need to bend down to pick up a biro or small ream of photocopying paper, you could injure your back and be out of work for a few days or even a few weeks.

Course aims

To provide learners with the skills, knowledge and attitude to lift correctly and safely.

Course objectives

On completion of this course, learners will:

  • understand the anatomy of the spine and causes of common back injuries
  • understand the principles of safe manual handling
  • be able to carry out manual handling safely correctly

Course content

  • Manual handling legislation
  • The importance for looking after your back
  • Anatomy of the spine
  • Common back injuries as a result of incorrect manual handling
  • Manual handling risk assessment
  • Safe manual handling
  • Manual handling demonstration
  • Manual handling assessment
  • Back care in everyday life 

Who should attend

Employers, employees, self-employed,  people who work in all industry, construction , retail, catering or anyone involved in lifting in their daily work.